Funeral Pre-Planning

Save money and have greater peace of mind by pre-planning.

Pre-plan your funeral service to be the way you want. Want a specific prayer or song to be sung? Want butterflies or balloons released in your memory? From important arrangement decisions like type and structure, to finer details such as the music to be played during a service, we assist you with pre-planning every detail to best suit your life and vision.

Benefit #1

Makes it easier on your grieving family and friends.

Benefit #2

Your life celebrated — the way you want.

Benefit #3

Save money and protect your family against future funeral costs.

Benefit #4

We provide knowledgeable advice to ensure that the all fine details are taken care of so that you can be at ease.

Elder couple on beach

Plan your celebration your way, in the privacy of your home.

Allow us to assist you with beginning your pre-planning arrangements in the comfort of your home.  Contact us to book a consultation with one of our funeral planners and we will provide you with a copy of our pre-planning form so that you may begin to collect your thoughts and ideas for your memorial.

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