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Funerals are an important opportunity to pay tribute to someone you love. It’s a time for relatives and friends to gather and share memories, acknowledge loss, and support one another. Steckley-Gooderham provides both traditional and alternative funeral services to families and are honoured to work with you to create new traditions to memorialize your loved one. Our facilities can support large assemblies, quaint, close gatherings, and anything in between.

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Cremation & Burial Services at Steckley-Gooderham

Whether a Cremation or Burial service has been selected, Steckley-Gooderham assists you with every detail in honouring your loved one. You can choose a traditional viewing and funeral service, a more relaxed memorial service, or a simple gathering in a setting of your choice.

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Celebration of Life and
Reception Services

Celebrate with a special memorial service that reflects the life of your loved one. We’re here to listen to your concerns, share our experiences, and help you to arrive at the perfect way to gather together to honour your loved one.

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Veteran's Services at Steckley-Gooderham

We truly believe that the men and women who answered our nation’s call embody the ideals Canadians hold so dear. Because they have proven their devotion to their fellow citizens and to a grateful nation, we all owe them the same respect and devotion in return.

Why Do More Families Trust Us to Care for their Veteran?
We are known for our compassionate, caring and thoroughly professional staff and have years of experience in planning military services. Whether your family chooses cremation or burial, we will be proud to take care of all the details involved.

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